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August 2021

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we are unfortunately obliged to cancel this year's Gardena 2020 Summeracademy.


Michael Fliri

"When I was in art school, I thought art was something I would learn, and then I would just do it. At a certain point I realized it wasn't going to work that way. Basically, I would have to start over every day and figure out what art would be." Bruce Nauman


This processual way of dealing with art and one's own self, as described in the quote, is an essential part of the course and the resulting work.


The body as the starting point for growing beyond, questioning, expanding and transforming.

Attention will be focused on the interface between the physical body and its environment.


Conceptual art focuses on the spiritual, material and formal aspects follow knowledge. The works thus take on a variety of medians, from photography to video, performance, sculpture, installation, drawing...



Personal style and the structures of the material

Arnold Holzknecht

Sharpening the eye for proportions and dynamics when drawing with model is the starting point for the development of a free plastic form.

In the process, the various properties and possibilities of the used material, e.g. plaster or cardboard, experimented and played with.

The aim is to approach a personal language of form in this way, where
respective properties and structures of the material become visible.


Various drawing materials, graphite, charcoal, pigment pencils, erasers.

Large format paper rolls and paper sheets



Michael Flirin

Born 1978 in Italy.


2005 Filmmaking, New York University NYU


1999-2003 Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna / Academy of Fine Arts, Munich / Academy of Art and Design KHiB, Bergen, Norway

2015-2019 Professor of Architecture at the University of Innsbruck


Lives and works in Zurich and Münstertal.


Everyone has to take care of the overnight stay himself or herself. A list of accommodation is provided.

Target group

Open to all artists, art students and sculptor candidates older than 18 years, maximum number of participants 20 people


Das Atelier der Sommerakademie befindet sich in einer großzügigen Halle in der Gewerbezone Pontives/Gröden. Die Einrichtung der Sommerakademie steht den Teilnehmern leihweise zur Verfügung.


SKB Südtiroler Künstlerbund

z.H. Karin Ortler

T +39 0471 977037


Opening hours of the studios:

Mon-Sat 08:30h - 12:00h, 14:00h - 18:00h. On Sunday, the studios are closed.

Lunch break: There is a simple studio kitchen available, can be cooked and eaten together if desired

registration form:

Conditions of participation

Course participants must register via e-mail at SKB Südtiroler Künstlerbund within Monday 08.06.2020, 12:00h.

To submitted: the completed registration form, a maximum of 5 current works illustrations, as well as a short curriculum, all in digital form.

A maximum of 20 participants can be admitted; the selection is based on the documents submitted by the speakers.

By registering you are obliged to participate.


Participation fee

The participation fee includes a one-time registration fee of 300.00 Euro and must be transferred within 10 days of receipt of the confirmation of participation by the summer academy to the following bank details of the association La Veta:

IBAN: IT 46H08238 58680 00030203339


The enrolment is valid only after the deposit.

This fee entitles you to attend all courses and events offered.

SKB Südtiroler Künstlerbund

z.H. Karin Ortler

T +39 0471 977037

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