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Nude drawing and drawing as storytelling

Peter Senoner






This course is intended to treat drawing as an essential medium of presentation.

Based on large-scale nude drawings copying a living model, the participants are familiarized with different aspects of contemporary drawing.

Idea generation, proportion, composition, anatomy and perspective. This course is about an in-depth understanding and development of drawing skills. Furthermore, the powers of observation should be sharpened and individual formal languages strengthened.


The focus of this drawing module will be narrative image contexts: Participants should learn to visualize interrelations beyond single observations. A variety of drawing methods is used. What should be achieved is the ability to present an artistic idea and its coherent sequence as a logical, narrative act.


Free sculpturing and working on living model

Markus Delago / Aron Demetz

In this section of the course, we try to continue our own results achieved in the drawing course and to implement them sculpturally. There is also the opportunity to orientate yourself according to a living model, but to develop an independent work. Even if time is limited, it is important to us to try to analyse and critically question the appropriated approaches of the students in order to seek opportunities for further development.


Classic and conventional materials such as clay, plaster and cardboard should be the basis for exploring new ways of representing the body.

Dealing with these simple materials is no longer a given at today's places of study, therefore a challenge for us to reconsider the simple and to reshape contemporary thought processes.


Markus Delago and Aron Demetz will analyse the entire body with the students, and both will explore connections to space, volume, and material.

The practical approach should be supplemented by theoretical discussion in order to continue the own competences and to tackle them from other perspectives.

Mold making and plaster casting

Reinhard Eiber

This course teaches simple impression techniques and the different plaster techniques. In addition, it is possible to make a plaster cast of the resulting sculptures.


Required work materials:

Work clothes and some tools for plaster work




Sculpture studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Freelance lecturer at the Faculty of Design and Arts, University of Bozen/Bolzano and at the

Institute of Experimental Architecture, University of Innsbruck.

Atelier for sculpture and drawing at Klausen/Chiusa.

Figurative or abstract?

Tuesday, 23.07.2019, 7 pm, studio hall Pontives 13, Val Gardena

lecture by Patrick Werner, former University of Applied Arts Vienna


A question that artists have been asking themselves again and again since the beginning of the 20th century. In a brief review of decisive developments in modernism, some of the answers that have been given since then and are still being given today are presented.

Cultural germ cells in historical places

Thursday, 01.08.2019, 7 pm, Walthersaal, Klausen

Lecture by Dr. Christian Schoen, Director of the Museum Retti-Palais, Ansbach

A vacant rococo palazzo, abandoned to decay, is kissed awake by contemporary art. The lecture describes the way from a restoration case to a museum of baroque and 21st century art. Lecture in German language, duration approx. 60 minutes, followed by a drink.

With the friendly support of the city of Klausen

We thank our sponsors, the municipalities of Ortisei, St. Christina and Selva


as well as other private sponsors

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