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24 JULY - 05 AUGUST 2023

For the fifth time already, the association La Veta organizes this years Summeracademy Val Gardena. It is a two-week course program around drawing and sculpture in the middle of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. 

The Summer Academy is dedicated to artists, sculptors and art students. 

A selected group of 20 international participants will be led by a team of three artists.

The focus lays on the human figure, from which large-scale drawing and modelling is carried out using live models.

The participants are familiarised with different aspects of drawing, in order to train their eye, develop their individual design language and deepen their drawing skills. 

Modelling can be seen as a continuation of the drawn, there will be live models available for this as well. Of course, there is also the possibility to develop an individual work. The participants are encouraged, supported and trained to analyse and critically question their work. Connections to space, volume and material are examined and one's own work is viewed from different perspectives.

Classic materials such as clay, plaster and cardboard form the ground for exploring new ways of representing the human body.

Additionally a program of evening events will be offered during the two week stay including studio visits to various local artists, gallery visits, discussions, lectures, movie night, hikes and other get-togethers. The Summer Academy thrives on the mutual exchange of it’s participants.

The exact program will be announced at the beginning of the course.

This year, the Summer Academy will be accompanied by the following three artists:

Lois Anvidalfarei, 

Walter Moroder,

Sevda Chkoutova

At the end of the two weeks, the participants will have the opportunity to show their works to a wider audience in the form of a final exhibition. This expands the room for additional questions such as how to handle and act in space, the type of presentation, display and the dialogue with and around artistic works.

Sommerakademie Gröden__0130.jpg




Born in Italy in 1962

Studied sculpture at the academy of fine arts Vienna

Since then freelance artist

Lives and works in Badia, South Tyrol



Each person has to take care of their room and board themselves. A list of accommodations will be provided.

Target group

This call is open to all artists, art students and aspiring sculptors above 18 years!

A maximum of 20 participants can be admitted.


The studio of the summer academy is located in a spacious hall in the industrial area of Pontives/Val Gardena. 


Opening hours of the studio:

Mon. -Sat. 08:30h – 12:00h, 14:00h – 18:00h.

The studios are closed on Sunday.

Lunch break: There is a simple studio kitchen available, if desired we can eat and cook together.

Conditions of participation:

The course participants must register by e-mail till 01. 06. 2023, 12:00 pm.

Submit the completed application form, a portfolio containing max. 5 current works, a CV, all in digital form.

A maximum of 20 participants can be admitted, the selection is made on the basis of the submitted documents by the lecturers. By registering, you commit to participate in the course.


Participation fee:

The participation fee includes a one-time registration fee of 300,00 Euros and is to be transferred within 10 days of the confirmation of participation from the Summer Academy to the following bank account of the association “LA VETA”:

IBAN: IT 46H08 238 58 680 00 030 203 3399


The enrolment is only valid from the time of deposit. This fee entitles you to participate in all courses and events offered.



24.07.2023:  opening | life drawing 

25.07.2023:  life drawing | modelling

26.07.2023:  modelling | life drawing/ drawing techniques

27.07.2023:  life drawing | printmaking

28.07.2023:  drawing | printmaking

29.07.2023:  life drawing | life drawing/modelling

30.07.2023:  day off | group excursion or hike

31.08.2023:  modelling | life drawing/ drawing techniques

01.08.2023: life drawing | modelling

02.08.2023:  printmaking | molding/casting with plaster

03.08.2023:  modelling | molding/casting with plaster 

04.08.2023:  prepearing the final presentation

05.08.2023:  exhibition

Evening events:

Studio visits, discussions, get together...

The program will be communicated at the beginning of the course.

fotos von othmar seehauser


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